Our Vision

At the Science and Technical Council, we encourage the students at the institute to utilize their potential and carve the best out of themselves when it comes to the practical application of the technological concepts they learn.


  • Tinkering

    Tinkering Lab was begun to inculcate technical hobby hands in institute students . The Tinkering Lab offers the space and co-ordinations for individuals to team up and transform thoughts into itemsmore
  • Kode

    We conduct sessions for relevant software & programming languages .Kode Club additionally tutors and subsidizes S&T Projects and deals with planning and fostering institute's interior applications more.
  • E-Cell

    Business venture cell RGIPT is an association that capacities to help and work with Industrial and business adaption of innovations and thoughts that can make a positive change in our general public more.


The institute aims to promote technological growth and education by inculcating the spirit of developing conceptual understanding and ingeniously innovating. It is not possible unless the students work right from the base discovering every step to the eventual implementation of the technological enactments they learn in the classrooms and witness around them. The minds of the students are always full of new ideas and propositions and the institute is devoted to providing a supportive platform to aid the students to realize and execute them. The Science and Technical council at the institute is the celebrated step in this direction. It provides the students with the necessary resources, guidance, and environment to inculcate the technical understanding to the depth through its activities and is consistently assisting the institute to realize its vision and aims.
The technology runs on the wheels of innovation. Every innovation begins with a simple idea or a thought. The Science and technical council gives wings to those ideas and aspirations of the students through numerous steps ranging from bracing their projects and providing a progressive working environment to holding up their participation at various competitions, contests, and fests. So, we aim to support our students excel and keep growing just like the sunshine to the saplings.


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Efforts made by Rishu Raj Sinha